ACCU-LUBE MiniBooster Mini für die Innenschmierung in hellgrauem Gehäuse mit 1-Liter-Behälter.

Inside lubrication with the Accu-Lube MiniBoosters

On CNC maching centers and special machines the external mounting of nozzles required for minimum quantity lubrication is often very difficult due to a variety of tools with different lengths.

For operations with this type of machines the Accu-Lube MiniBooster was designed. It produces a lubricant-air mixture which is transported through a hose to the rotating union of the machine tool.

There the lubricant-air mixture is transported through the spindle of the machine tool and is then supplied to the cutting edge of the coolant fed tools where it provides optimum lubrication.

Advantages of the Accu-Lube MiniBooster:

  • Electronic control for automatic adaptation to various tool diameters with different cooling channel cross sections. This eliminates the need of complex programming the volume of lubricant and air for every single tool.
  • Very quick supply of lubricant (<0,1 s)
  • The Accu-Lube MiniBooster can be extended with extra nozzles for outside lubrication.
Gelbes ACCU-LUBE LB-10000 wird aus einem Kanister gegossen.

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