ACCU-LUBE Dosiergerät für die Außenschmierung in dunkelgrauem Gehäuse mit 1-Liter-Behälter.

Outside lubrication with ACCU-LUBE applicators

Accu-Lube applicators enable an exact adjustment of the volume of lubricant to be supplied to the cutting edge.

Each applicator is equipped individually according to your requirements. This might be a simple one-nozzle applicator on a setting angle or a complex multi-nozzle applicator.

Using an Accu-Lube applicator you will get:

  • Continuous wetting of the cutting edge with lubricant
  • Even application of lubricant significantly reducing friction
  • Very low lubricant consumption
  • High performance of the deployed tools
  • Dry workpieces, tools and machines

Depending on the type of operation our applicators are equipped with different nozzles, such as:

  • Bandsaw nozzles
  • Circular saw nozzles
  • Flexible metal nozzles
  • Copper nozzles
  • Steel nozzles
  • Flexible loc-line nozzles
  • Bespoke nozzles

Wear-free design of the Accu-Lube applicators requires low maintenance.

Gelbes ACCU-LUBE LB-10000 wird aus einem Kanister gegossen.

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