Especially with CNC machining centres and special purpose machines it has proven, that, due to the multitude of different tools and tool lengths, external positioning of the nozzles required for minimum quantity lubrication is problematic and thus leads to additional costs.

The Accu-Lube MiniBooster has been designed for exactly these kinds of applications. Other than with the coaxial tube system (i.e. tube-in-tube system where the oil tube runs inside the air tube) used for outside lubrication, here air and lubricant are already mixed inside the Accu-Lube MiniBooster.
This lubricant-air-mixture is then transported through a tube from the Accu-Lube MiniBooster to the rotating union of the machine tool. From there the lubricant-air-mixture is led through the spindle of the machine tool and will leave the coolant fed tools in operation at their cutting edge thus enabling
their optimum lubrication.

During the transport of the lubricant-air-mixture within the machine tool spindle, care must be taken to prevent any possible uncontrolled escape of the lubricant-air-mixture, as this would not lead to the desired lubrication of the cutting edge.

The Accu-Lube MiniBoosters consist of the following main components:
Accu-Lube precision controlled volume pump(s)
Accu-Lube frequency generator(s)
Accu-Lube MiniBooster chamber = the core of the system; this is where air and lubricant are brought together and the lubricant-air-mixture is                 produced. Lubricant droplet size is ² 0,001mm.
Electronical control automatically adapting to different tool diameters with different cooling channel cross sections (only with SR-version). Time-              consuming programming of lubricant and air volume for every single tool is no longer necessary.

To cover any individual case we offer a variety of ACCU-LUBE MiniBooster systems which will be described in depth on the following pages:

Accu-Lube MiniBooster MB 2010 Mini SR
Accu-Lube Double-MiniBooster MB 2010 Power
Accu-Lube MiniBooster MB 2010 Power SR
Accu-Lube MiniBooster MB 2010 Power C

Moreover, the MiniBooster systems can optionally be extended and thus adapted precisely to any of your applications.

In comparison with other systems already on the market the ACCU-LUBE MiniBooster stands out in particular for its excellent cost-performance ratio, minimum consumption of lubricant and air as well as for its easy handling.