Accu-Lube MiniBooster MB 2010 Power with Pressure Sensor



For coolant fed tools with a diameter of
1 - ≤ 40 mm oder max. 2 x 12 mm

Technical Data:
Operating current: 24 V DC 2W (optionally 110 V, 230 V)
Operating pressure: 5,5 – 9 bar
Reservoir: 500 – 750 ml (optionally 950 – 1.400 ml)

2 Booster chambers
1 precision controlled volume pump
1 frequency generator (optionally: solenoid valve freely programmable;
15-50 strokes / min)

The Accu-Lube MiniBooster MB 2010 Power is suitable for coolant fed tools in CNC machining centres and CNC turning lathes.
The Accu-Lube MiniBooster MB 2010 Power allows for a safe production process.
The main advantages of the Accu-Lube MiniBooster MB 2010 Power are its user-friendliness, cost-effectiveness as well as its simple and quick installation.

Further advantages:

Through the electronic control the system is adjusted automatically to the different diameters of coolant fed tools.
After a tool change it is not necessary to program an M-function for each tool.
The existing CNC-programs need not be changed for a special M-function for the micro lubricating system.
Simple installation! This system requires an air supply of 5,5-9 bar and an electrical output of 24 V on the CNC-machine tool (M-function cooling-lubricant ON/OFF).
This system is easy to operate and offers process safety especially during high volume batch production.
The consumption of air is reduced by 20% because the system switches on only when more oil-air mixture is needed, as the lubricant is always present in the reservoir.
Lubricant consumption is approximately 8-14 ml/h depending on the size of the tools used and the time of use of the tool.

Operating areas: Bending, drilling, deep hole drilling, milling, turning, reaming

This system is used for the production of:

cooler tubes                       
 • hydrants
exhaust pipes                      compressor engine blocks
machine components        drive train

The machine tools of the following manufacturers are equipped with this Accu-Lube system among others:
Crippa       EMAG          Chiron             Zayer
Fill              EX-Cello     Kaltenbach     Schwarze-Robitec
Homag      Weeke        Suhner             Somex