Accu-Lube MiniBooster
for CNC machining centres

Micro-lubrication is provided when an air and lubricant mixture is transported through the machine-tool-spindle ensuring the Accu-Lube lubricant is delivered precisely to the cutting edge.
The Accu-Lube MiniBooster consist of the following main components:
Accu-Lube precision controlled volume pumps
Accu-Lube frequency generator
Accu-Lube MiniBooster chamber = the core of the system
Electronic control system for automatic adjustment to different tool diameters (only with “SR” versions)
The lubricant-air mixture with droplets of ² 1μm is produced in the MiniBooster chamber.

Application areas:
Turning lathes with rotating tools
CNC-machines with different tools and different tool diameters
For coolant fed tools with a diameter of 1 - ² 12 mm or up to max. 2 x 6 mm

Technical data:
Operating current: 24 V DC 2W (optionally 110 V, 230 V)
Operating pressure: 5,5 – 9 bar
Reservoir: 500 – 750 ml (optionally 950 – 1.400 ml)
1 Booster chamber
1 precision controlled volume pump
1 frequency generator (optionally: solenoid valve freely programmable; 15-50 strokes / min)
1 pressure sensor (optionally available without pressure sensor depending on the type of application)

The machines of the following machine tool manufacturers are equipped with this Accu-Lube system among others:

Matec              Reis Robotics
EMAG              Index
Somex             Zinser

Accu-Lube MiniBooster MB 2010 “Mini” SR