Accu-Lube MiniBooster MB 2010 Power C

This MiniBooster consists of two systems (inside and outside lubrication) in one box.

Inside lubrication

2 Booster chambers
1 precision controlled volume pump
1 frequency generator (optionally: solenoid valve freely programmable;
15-50 strokes / min)
For coolant fed tools with a diameter of
1 - ≤ 40 mm or up to max. 2 x 12 mm

Outside lubrication
3 precision controlled volume pumps (optionally extendable)
3 frequency generators (according to number of pumps) (optionally: solenoid valves freely programmable; 15-50 strokes / min)
There are no limits as far as the tool diameter is concerned, provided that the positioning of the nozzle can be optimised and the lubricant will reach the cutting edge of the tool.

Technical Data:
Operating current: 24 V DC 2W (optionally 110 V, 230 V)
Operating pressure: 5,5 – 9 bar
Reservoir inside lubrication: 500 – 750 ml (optionally 950 – 1.400 ml)
Reservoir outside lubrication: 1.000 ml (optionally 2.000 ml)

Outside lubrication for non coolant fed tools
Inside lubrication for coolant fed tools

It is not necessary to replace all non coolant fed tools.
During heavy duty operations both outside and inside lubrication can be useds

Optionally available with electronic control.
This system covers all cutting operations on a CNC machining centre.

This system is used for the production of:

The machine tools of the following manufacturers are equipped with this
Accu-Lube system among others:

forged aluminium rims
cast aluminium crankcases
threaded pins
transverse links for F1