Accu-Lube applicators - assuring economy and precise application of lubricants
The Accu-Lube applicators enable an exact dosage of lubricant supplied to the
cutting edge of the tool. Consumption is clearly measurable. Smallest droplets of the lubricant are transported by the air stream precisely to the cutting edge of the tool without producing any dangerous mists.
The approved modular system allows the Accu-Lube applicators to be tailor-made for every type of operation.

The use of Accu-Lube applicators results in:

continuous moistening of cutting tools
even application of lubricant
lowest requirement of lubricant
high cutting performance of tools by using Accu-Lube lubricants
dry workpiece and tool as well as dry machine

Accu-Lube applicators for outside lubrication
A small quantity of lubricant makes the great difference between dry machining and minimum quantity lubrication. With dry machining there is no moistening of the workpiece or tool, there is no protection from heat generation and there is no great potential of increasing tool life. These issues are solved by minimum quantity lubrication with the help of a minute quantity of lubricant and the precise application of lubricant droplets to the cutting edge of the tool.

Accu-Lube pump has been specially designed to ensure a continuous flow of lubricant from the moment the applicator is switched on until it is switched off. The piston pump works with a continuous precision, to supply the lubricant smoothly and continuously to the cutting edge. Warranty is four years on condition that Accu-Lube lubricants are being used.
Accu-Lube piston pump requires compressed air to activate the pump cycle.
With the return stroke a precisely defined quantity of lubricant is drawn into the pump chamber. The following fore stroke supplies the lubricant into the capillary tube in the inside of the air tube.

Thus all
Accu-Lube lubricants are supplied to the cutting edge of the tool with the same performance.