Applicator equipped with brass pumps

Applicator equipped with aluminium pumps

Components of Accu-Lube Applicator
1 Actuator
ON/OFF switch
Options: solenoid valve, toggle switch, roller valve, slide valve, foot pedal, air-actuated
2 Air flow valve
Regulates the air output at the nozzle. Each aluminium pump has its own air flow valve that can be operated independently
3 Adjusting
scale for lubricant quantity The adjusting screw regulates the required quantity of lubricant
4 Frequency generator
Controls the frequency at which the pump cycles
Pneumatic frequency generator: 5-180 strokes/min
Electric frequency generator: 1-128 strokes/min
Solenoid valve: freely programmable
5 Metal box
6 Mounting system

Pre-drilled holes for permanent mounting of applicator to machine tool or to fix
magnetic mounts to the metal box
7 Air supply
Input pressure: min. 4 bar, max. 10 bar
8 Air filter
9 Reservoir
Sizes: 0.3 L ; 1.0 L, 2.0 L, 3.0 L also available with level indicator
10 Nozzles
Circular and band sawing nozzles, copper, steel and loc-line nozzles, flexible metal nozzles,
rotative and special nozzles
11 ACCU-LUBE lubricant