Accu-Lube applicator on setting angle

This simple applicator is equipped with a 0.3 litre reservoir, 1 pump, 1 coax tube with a loc-line nozzle and can easily be fitted to any kind of metal surface with the help of a magnet.
Being connected to compressed air supply it can be operated immediately.
Operation areas: simple drilling, milling and sawing operations

Accu-Lube Applicator
This applicator is easy to operate and is
equipped with:

• dosing pump
• coaxial tube, length 2,4m
• loc-line nozzle
• reservoir 0,3 litre
• toggle switch for actuation

The applicator has two drilled holes enabling easy mounting. Against a surcharge the applicator can be equipped with a solenoid valve 24 V.

Gegen Aufpreis ausgestattet mit Elektromagnetventil 24V